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Replay Of Busy Mums Weight loss Webinar

Replay Of Busy Mums Weight loss Webinar

Replay of the Busy women’s weightloss webinar 


What is it For ?


This webinar is for busy mums like myself who have to wear different hats in aday such as being a mum, wife, worker, enterpreneur and so on . I know how it feels to juggle multiple things at once such as kids , job , business , marriage / relationship etc which makes you feel overwhelmed and exhausted . Whether you have kids or not, many of us often take care of the people around us even at a detriment to our own health. In order for us to get our desired body weight whilst living our busy lives , we must manage our sleep, stress levels, emotional health, nutrition and fitness levels like a pro.


Your health and fitness goals should be a top priority for you because you can’t be that business mogul you want to be if you don’t take care of your body . As a Certified body transformation coach , I have the best experience in Juggling being a mum , a wife , Full time worker , student with a successful business.


I get this question often , how do You do it ? Well the solution is here for you The Busy Woman’s Weight-loss webinar will ensure you go home with the following -


  • Planning Techniques: Learn how to plan your daily schedule ( kids , business name it )
  •   Nutrition Foundation- understand the foundation of weight loss , food to eat, meal swaps to get you in shape and loose that weight for good .
  •  Fitness Goals - learn from a Pro the workouts that will transform you from flabby to sassy 



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    £8.00Sale Price
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